Buy-Side Criteria

Buy-Side Criteria

Buy-Side Criteria
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Person in Charge of the Project*
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Expected Way of Cooperation

(Please write down your expected way of cooperation. e.g., buyout(100%),buying majority stake(51% to 99%), buying minority stake(less than 50%), asset acquisition, etc. )

Targets Industry

(Please write down your interested industry, e.g., sheet metal working, etc. )

Requirements for Targets

(e.g., ranking in the industry, demands for a particular technology or special sales channels, sizes of plant and equipment, technical level, any business transactions with certain company, or relevant information about the industry. )

Targets Scale Turnover

(a general range, e.g., USD 2million to 10million, etc.)

Number of Employee

(a general range, e.g., less than 20, 50 to 100, etc.)

Other Requirements

(e.g., a money-losing company is acceptable if the technology can be acquired, an insolvent company is undesirable, etc.)

Transaction Size

Please write down your budget, a ballpark figure or a general range)

Targets Location

(Please write down your required location for targets, e.g., greater Tokyo area, Shanghai, etc.)

Other Questions and/or Suggestion

(Please write down your further questions or request and suggestion to us.)

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