Company Profile

Company Profile

As an investment and M&A specialist for promising SMEs, TAKUWA focuses not only on businesses between and among China, Europe and Japan, but also provides services worldwide. On the one side, we search investors for companies and individuals intending to sell businesses, transfer shares, forge global cooperation and bring in strategic capital. On the other, we locate quality, authorized, detailed, accurate resources and provide one-stop services for companies and investors intending to make investment, acquire overseas companies and seek for technical partners in the three areas as well as in other countries.

TAKUWA not only has offices in Tokyo, Beijing and Tianjin, but also established branches and representatives in HK SAR, the UK, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. 


We possess abundant deals resources and aim to provide you with one-stop services ranging from target location & project assessment to scheme design & project implementation.


TAKUWA, being able to help companies implement deals effectively, is specialized in the following services: M&A advisory, business consultation, financial advisory, legal consulting, technology import consulting, business investigation and company registration.



Sale—sell businesses, projects and shares, get realization and introduce strategic investment

Investment—get resources and profits by investing in Europe, China and Japan as well as in other countries.

M&A—acquire technology, brand, management, talents, market share, etc. by purchasing stocks from European , Chinese, Japanese companies and other overseas companies as well.

Project Cooperation—enhance international competitiveness and realize win-win situation through cooperation between and among Europe, China and Japan.

Business Consulting—provide cross-border business advisory services.